Sustainable can be cost effective too

It goes without saying that global warming is bad and that it is increasing at an alarming rate. The fact is that we are in a bad situation and if we don’t start to counteract the effects of global warming quickly then the world will be a very different place by the time are children are raising kids of their own. But looking after the planet and being green is often seen as unaffordable and costly. And while this may be true, as with all things economies of scale apply and the sooner more people switch their thinking to sustainable, eco-friendly economics, the sooner prices will come down. In the interim though, here are some ideas to help you save the planet and your wallet at the same time.



Say no to coal

These days it is easy to compare energy providers in a range of ways. In the same way that you can find the cheapest energy provider Melbourne has to offer, you could also find the types of energy that are being provided. In other words, where dos the energy come from? Is it solar or wind generated or does it come from coal or nuclear? Ask these questions because they are important.  At the end of the day energy is energy, but the by-products and effects on the world are very different and you don’t want your children to be paying for you bad choices for decades to come.

Organic is good

The problem with buying organic food is that it is often very expensive, especially when compared to crops that are massed produced. But you can still eat cheap, healthy and organic food by applying some basic smarts. Grow them yourself. Although it might not be as convenient as popping to the shops to buy vegetables, it is much cheaper. Get some seeds, dig the soil and plant them out. It’s a great project for the whole family and there is nothing that tastes quite as good or as fresh as food that you have grown yourself.


People who own cars tend to use them all the time. In short, if you have a car parked in the drive then no matter where you need to go or what you need to get, you simply jump in the car and off you go. It’s very convenient but it is also not very cost effective or good for the world. If you sold your car and used Uber you would think a little bit more and plan your day better so you didn’t need to make multiple trips. You would also use public transport more and carpool. These are all good things to do, both from the perspective of your wallet and doing what is right for the world.

Think about what you use

Single use plastics are one of the biggest pollutants of our oceans and killers of marine life. So don’t be the type of person who brings more of them into circulation. These days shops charge for the use of plastic bags and this is costly. Use your own cloth bags. Eschew straws and plastic cola bottles. If you do use plastic bottles, keep them and create eco-bricks. These are all small ways to cut your costs while at the same time have a big impact on the world at large.